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Katrine Druyts: comes from the classical stable and sang for many years at home and abroad in various genres and styles: from baroque to contemporary, from oratorios and music theater to chamber music and song. Free vocal cords, from jazzy parlando through southern melancholic to playfully folky. Furthermore: now and then a subtle touch of percussion.


Jef Van Aken: thorough classical violin training. He learned the tricks of the trade with various chamber music ensembles but also as a fiddler with various bluegrass and old-time bands. Shoemakers, he often gives a nice rag fiddling. It can also go deep vocally!

Walter Pelckmans: performs a number of lead vocals, but mainly observes the honors on mandolin and guitar. Back then Hillgrass frontman: also toured for several years with the Kempen bluegrass band Smoketown Strut and the western swing band Kasper. Until the nineties, with longtime companion Lej Sommen at the Antwerp Duelin '. Occasionally writes songs for Bluewire.

Staf Pelckmans: flat picker, on his inseparable Mossman / Martin D28 the instrumental backbone of Blue Wire. Together with brother Walter and bassist Lej Sommen he performed for many years on large and small stages in the Benelux with the bluegrass band Hillgrass (LP 'Maddeleine' Raccoonlabel), with whom they also performed a number of radio and television concerts.

Lej Sommen: bass player and tenor voice. Without a doubt a special tenor voice, and also an indispensable link in the quintet as an imperturbable bass player. As the group's nestor, he was at the cradle of the Merksplasse folk and old-time scene in the 1960s. He also plays with the Kempen folk bands Galleyhead and Spollek.

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