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Katrine Druyts

vocals, small percussion

Jef Van Aken

violin, vocals

Walter Pelckmans

mandolin, guitars, vocals

Staff Pelckmans

guitar, vocals

Lej Sommen

bass guitar, vocals

gitaar Staf.jpg
viool Jef.jpg
mando & vega Walter.jpg
bas Lej.jpg

BLUEWIRE Voices & Strings

Bluewire makes use of virtuoso
instrumental string violence, but prefers a predominantly vocal repertoire. In addition to diligent fiddle, guitar and mandolin fair, a large part of each set revolves around the voice of Katrine Druyts, who performs a Billie Holiday blues, a Kurt Weill or a Mexican drinking song with just as much ease. The voices of the boys sometimes refer to the brother duets from the fifties, and with Lej's tenor and the raspy bass voice of violinist Jef, a gospel or a close harmony quartet sounds… as we thought it should sound.

Bluewire is open to new combinations. In past projects Bluewire has collaborated with Pieter Verkuylen (dobro, banjo), Flor Verschueren (accordion), Marie Koop (vocals), Rob Joosten (banjo, keys), Rob Koop (photos), Galley Head (Irish roots), KTFeelgood ( easy listening) ...

Working around a theme or at special locations is typically Bluewire: Happy Songs for a Sad Cafe, Parson's Pleasure @ Pastorie Wortel, Rainy Day People, The Wasteland, Songs in A Barn, Er is Vaart in (150 years of the Dessel-Schoten Canal), Trains, Tracks & Travellings (100 years Bels Lijntje, Turnhout-Tilburg) Wandering Songs @ Landloperskapel Merksplas Kolonie - Rambling Jacks & Gambling Queens (50 years National Playing Cards Museum Turnhout)

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