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Rainy Day People
warming rain folk by Bluewire in Paradox Tilburg




2010 - cc Leopoldsburg

The Turnhout band Bluewire and Marie Koop go in search of 'Rainy Day People'. A musical theater concert about people and rain, from fresh lime to wind force 10. From Bluegrass to Piazolla: a completely new repertoire with ...

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Warming rainfolk by Bluewire

Paradox - Tilburg

The theme of the program is Rainy Day People . Reminiscent of Dylan, but he does not pass by, but a lot of American folk. Own songs, but mostly covers of Lester Flatt, Gillian Welch, Bon Iver and a bunch of traditionals. But Adamo, Kurt Weill and Grace Jones are also on the warming rain repertoire of Bluewire in the Tilburg Music stage Paradox ....

2011 - After Fir Bolg


... this five-piece from Turnhout houses people with a history in various bluegrass groups ( HILLGRASS, SMOKETOWN STRUT) and from different musical movements and training courses (from classically trained voices to fingerpicking guitarists). The americana and bluegrass is brought with knowledge, they certainly know what they are doing ....

Thursday February 9th, 2016 · Westerlo ·

Attending such a performance is an intense musical pleasure, it gives you the feeling of being really involved. Keep it up folks, from the washboard through the guitars and instruments all up to the voices. :-)

2016 - There is VAART in it!

Galley Head & Bluewire: 4 decades of the Kempense Folk in the Djoelen

Onderox - W. Adriaensen

. "... Bluewire did not originate abroad, but under the church tower of Merksplas, the home village of brothers Walter and Staf Pelckmans and their friend Leo Sommen." In the early 1970s, when we were about fifteen, the music bug affected us. ", Walter laughs." With our first band, Gosh, we played simple skiffle. One band followed the other and that's how we always kept making music. " ...

2017 - Parson's Pleasure II

Old Rectory - Carrot

***** 5 stars Beautiful performance last night April 28 in the Oude Pastorij of Bluewire. Very professional and emotional at the same time. Enjoyed it a lot. I'm already looking forward to the next gig! Be sure of the party then.

vtbKultuur-Kalmthout - We also enjoyed it enormously, so much good music and so much enthusiasm that you send in the audience! We stuck yesterday, but today your performance will still stick. We do everything we can to get you to Kalmthout in 2018.

2019 - BW _ 50 j Nationaal Museum van de

2019 - 50 J National Museum of Playing Cards - Turnhout

"May I thank you very much for your performance last Friday? The extra dimension was very much appreciated, the song with our steam engine even more! Really great how the many and some formal speeches were interrupted and cheered up by you! Your performance next year will of course go. score even higher peaks. " Filip Cremers, director of the National Playing Card Museum

Folkclub Brielle.png
2022 - Folkclub Brielle NL

"Het was een geweldige groep. Mooie muziek, goed articulerende zangers, zelfs het Frans was voor mij te volgen. Prima keuze weer. Tot volgend seizoen.”

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